1111’ers NeXus

We are a unique group of people who are prompted by numbers, most notably 11:11.  This phenomenon is not isolated to this prompt by any means.  Many people have their own certain numbers or even colors which tend to change over time.  Through study we have learned that people who experience this also share many traits and characteristics.  This website is dedicated to finding the source and cause of these happenings. 


Examine the Details

In addition to prompts there are many other physical sensations such as ringing in the ears.


It is said that 11:11 and the various signs and symbols are heralding the appearance of your twin flame.

Everyone has a twin flame though you may spend an eternity apart.  Once you meet your twin flame you may not get along as you are witnessing your own shadow self in the characteristics of your other half.


In the beginning being together is often the most glorious love life you have ever encountered.  Even your energies are in sync.  There is a connectedness that often borders on the psychic.


The story goes… Each soul travels through it’s own “evolution.”   As it goes through levels of consciousness or transcendence, it grows.  Soon it is complete as both male and female in total.  At this point it can split into two distinct people who share the same soul.  Each person will actually have half of the original soul.  

When they meet, they are a divine couple, capable of lifting masses to higher states of consciousness.

Yin Yang

The concept of Yin Yang is alive and well within the twin flame community and also the 11:11 group.

Each of us embody Yin Yang as Yin Yang is the embodiment of all.